Friday, June 25, 2010

TOEFL Essay - Coaches are the best teachers

Q. Agree or disagree: Coaches make the best teachers.

I remember my bellowing coach. Each player to him was just a last name. He was a loveless functionary of my school. He did, however, teach me some facts about the human body, like that we're not built to climb ropes or ever engage in square dancing classes. My coach was the best teacher; he was often yelling and frequently popular.

A booming voice can teach us multiple factoids. We listen when we hear yelling. Yell, and others run toward you. They want to see the fuss. When we meet a person with a personality that screams we imagine their voice when they disappear. Obviously, absences happen, but we picture their voice and live with their memory. Appropriately, a voice emphasizes with yells and highlights that we are in school to learn. And we learned from my coach. His voice is what I remember. All those several yelled messages, shouted at me as if I were the only importance.

Coach was an item of popularity, and he taught us students how to share popularity. We students knew his name, his likes and dislikes, how to provoke him, what not to do. Once you knew Coach, your popularity was insured. But if you were on his bad side, you felt uncertainty asleep. I knew several students who refused to learn from our coach. In short, they refused to designate him as their favorite teacher and to relax under his conditioning. These students became lazy. I do not think these students ever succeeded, because navigating coach was like driving through life: if you didn't succeed here with Coach, you were like a less successful drunk driver elsewhere.

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