Tuesday, June 15, 2010

TOEFL Essay - The Travel Location I Prefer.

Obviously winning a cool million would be my preferred motivation for travel. But winning millions isn't always possible, and we can understand why. Nevertheless, if I were free to travel to any country for two weeks, I would choose Liechtenstein as my destination because it's secretive and I've always thought it would be wealthy. 

Inside Liechtenstein, no news ever escapes. Media outlets there -- extremely well-funded -- are very satisfied with how the government runs the country. Because this relative silence breaks down even group discontent, Liechtenstein is secretive. No international news hears rumors of secret dealings because, naturally, dealings in Liechtenstein are secret. This secretive nature is essential to consistent social policy. Namely, if nothing is knowable, then no comparison exists. We cannot know this, because we do not live in Liechtenstein; hence, no secrecy. A country that values secrecy must be a pleasure.

I often contemplate why perhaps this secrecy breeds wealth, or just that wealth betrays a less forthcoming bundle of choices. It's as if others don't know. Since others are frequently competitors, secrecy ensures lifelong earning. A secret is something you don't share, like wealth. More for Liechtensteiners. The wealth of this small country reveals itself. I imagine this country as a wealthy place where we can imagine the riches, similar to surroundings. We hear stories about paving of gold and money trees, but these don't compare with a doubly landlocked microstate in Western Central Europe surrounded by varieties of wealth. Visiting guarantees our comfort, as tourists, and that we see Liechtenstein as comfortably as possible. An illustration might be that while taxis are expensive, a special something is gained when taking a voyage in a hugely overpriced cab. We feel like we should appreciate it, or else remorse sets in. Our appreciation of a Liechtenstein cab is based on what we don't want to feel, and since secrets are easily retained there, no one else will know my business of remorse in a Liechtenstein cab. 

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