Wednesday, June 23, 2010

TOEFL Essay - Theater or no

Q. It has been announced that a new movie theater will be built in your area. Do you support or oppose this plan?

Everyone loves movies, but not their houses. Recently, there's talk of a new cinema in our town. I propose that we fight against one company's desire to forever change the face of moviegoing in our area by building a theater for two prime reasons: movies are junk and theaters bring garbage.

First off, movies are junk. When we seriously ponder how humans have used pictures and film in history we conclude with porn. Pornography is the end result of moviegoing. An illustration of this is that all movies suggest darkness by having need of light to project themselves. In the darkness, bodily creative notions occur fluently. In this vast darkness, too, our only recourse is to make pornography. Consequently, this is why before lightbulbs all we did was reproduce.

Theaters also bring gossip (about porn) and garbage. We should concern ourselves with the latter, the garbage. Employment of local teenagers shall be put aside, and instead do you realize how much garbage audiences watching movies consume? If you guessed “pornographic magnitudes” you'd be correct. This is why we don't need this garbage, which will only clutter and defeat our free space and time; and this is what a theater's goal is: the defeat of leisure time in our eyes.

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