Friday, June 18, 2010

TOEFL ESSAY - Cities, Destroyed and New

The world's surface is riddled with many old cities and buildings. These latter charm and enhance real estate values. Nevertheless, their existence is dangerous, and I fear for my life often inside them. If I had to choose whether to keep or destroy these oldies, let's destroy them. It's the safety issue that has me thinking about destruction, but it's also the money-saving equation.

New buildings are safer. This is because of their materials. Newer mining techniques succeed in extraction of newer, stronger materials and scientists then assemble them. Later, construction workers assemble these previously assembled products. What results is an enclosure. These enclosures are frequently grandiose. They usually come equipped with most necessities, and most dwellers don't seek outside life as a result. While inside, they are safer. Regarding most construction cases, forepersons advise and with this force, we may choose which forewarning suits us. Safe environments offer savings too. You might be stressed about crumbly old instruments of government. This organ obviously raises more serious questions. And under these questions, a beauty and newness similar to the buildings but the same as skin. These layers. An illustration could be the Bank of America building, which is moral and ethical. Inside, our waste is used to power air conditioning. Old buildings don’t make use of this technology and are therefore not so efficient. I would opt to destroy them, and we should do it ceremoniously.

Architecture is the vest of our worries. Usually, architects are big with equal size khaki vests. They point at a building to indicate this location’s numbered days. But, for example, if suddenly many buildings were destroyed and replaced by new ones, our city would be changed. In other words, the changing city face means that we don't get bored. We aren't bored by alternating landscapes. It would not be difficult to imagine ourselves in a totally refurbished city. We would gradually accustom. This would be a new city, and we would be moved. Gas would be saved, and energy as well. And since relocating means a change in weather and geography, total destruction would be the one way to avoid this.

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