Tuesday, June 22, 2010

TOEFL Essay - Picking or assigned roommates

You can either have your college roommate assigned to you or you may choose, which would you prefer?

My first year of college, I was obliged to deal with the school's choice. They chose who was sent to live with me. Every other year, however, the responsibility was all mine. I chose my fate. If I had to pick between choosing or being assigned a roommate, I strongly would prefer not having to choose because of feelings and diverse scenarios.

Feelings are a tough thing. In fact, they are not objects at all, but are part of our welfare's personality. Damage a feeling, we hurt welfare, and we damage our entire soul from beginning to end. Repairs are virtually impossible. I would rather be unfair than conflict. And I would also rather be stuck with unhelpful and ignoring me strangers than to live with the insupportable idea that I destroyed a friend's chain of feelings by obscuring him or her from my choice process. Let's face it, we forget a lot of friends, and reconnecting is difficult. But I wouldn't want ot do this intentionally. And when the university chooses, I blame others for my indecision of them. “the school put me here.” this is what college teaches us, after all.

Another reason why I am steadfast to dominate my opinion advocating university assignment of roommates is the bringing of new scenarios which are exciting and some of pain or humor, joviality. When the school picks for you and you surrender your freedom of choice, you are now in the position to become the school's second class citizen. So close to number 1, really. Just imagine living with adventurous newness or even relaxing boredom or focusing taking advantage of you. We all want to exploit university's choices and giving up who you live with for a complete surprise will freshen your opinions. Once again, college teaches us this.

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Beautiful. . . You are totally post-English!