Thursday, June 10, 2010

TOEFL Essay - A custom I would share

Celebrating Thanksgiving is a custom other countries should invest in because everyone needs to give thanks occasionally and the list of traditional food is expansive.

The most important reason I believe that other countries should celebrate Thanksgiving is to have an entire day devoted to thankfulness. In general, there's not enough of this. We humans forget what we possess and it helps to slow down and contemplate what is right with our lives, not always what is wrong. Not only does accounting for what we have help to reduce stress, but it helps to reduce wasteful pursuits of double items and to avoid overlooking the goods and beings we should be thankful for. For example, if I stop to think about what I really appreciate, I realize that even though I have occasional setbacks, life really isn't rotten. I would like everyone to have access to this feeling and to have a day to celebrate.

Yet being thankful for what we have would be incomplete without a sampling of classic American cuisine, and this is the second and most delicious reason why I'd choose to share Thanksgiving with the world's nations. There is no Thanksgiving without Thanksgiving Dinner. I have missed several meals in the past and on these days, the holiday was non-existent for me. This delicious spread features samples from centuries of pre- and post-colonial cooking, but represents traditional Native American offerings too. This meal symbolizes the amicable or inharmonious mix of cultures that history in my country has witnessed. I want to pass these scrumptious dishes on to others. For example, cranberry sauce and stuffing are two of my favorites and have their origins in the first Thanksgiving meal celebrated hundreds of years ago. It's important we celebrate the non-fast food aspects of American culture, and that others see it and try these treats.

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