Friday, August 21, 2009

Reproductive History

Catholics are quite safe
I know because I’m Catholic
And used to be safe. Feel safe.

Have a large family meaning feel safe.
It’s not about risks…it’s about largesse
Have the entire family feel largesse

Catholics on television
Catholic television
The Catholic moral attitude is truthful
A sincerely truth attitude
Catholics think they are better than other people because other Catholics have admitted they are wrong.

They know they belong to the truth faith
I am so truthful I’m catholic.
I am so Catholic, believe me
I would kill to believe to
The truth,
The Catholic will hire.

I will work for Catholics
Catholic works.
Catholic is this true believer truthful?
So wait believes so deeply in truth
In a garden you can’t see, I can’t see
Growing all over the body life church!

How will Jews and Muslims get along in heaven?
A Catholic believes not so well.
A religion (Catholic) renews itself through death
And faith in Catholic positions.
I have positioned myself with corrections
Like role models to millions
But Catholics in heaven.

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