Monday, August 03, 2009

I want a facial piercing preferably the size of a perception

The face you need is the face you project
Even if your nose is big or your eyebrows
Aren’t very pleasing to you
On a hundred foot billboard Visa application

Job silent, job special, job immediately
Hunting creeps on two toes
Even if those two toes are ingrown
And you had standby surgery with an intern

I perceive the face you pick
In a quiet whisper
Floating to me through your checklist
You want raisin eyes
And almond pupils
And big dimples you’ve always been missing
But these days August is in your eyes
They are the eyes you most definitely want

What’s not the exact face you requested
But the face you need to put on at job interviews
If you’re going to invest in another country
Hiring freezing many options for reconstruction.

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