Sunday, August 30, 2009

please don’t tell me good news critics

Critics, handymen
soufflé peddlers in the highs
living diners and locations
where people eat ups and downs, sing
in a forgiving way on
your humble servant,
the critic, person of the people
propelled! Sing critics
your new moves
about a new movie
has found it’s so popular
it’s not so popular anymore.

Guess again, critic
A hardy job/appetite requires you
To invest your time and valuable opinions
On which an industry depends

Good critics make mediocre
Publicity, while mediocre critics
Understand movie selling most:
You can’t give it all at once
And ruin the payoff.

I’m impressed when you critics fight
I’m impressed most
When you do it without using hawks.
And stick it to one another
With mediocre eloquence
So no one gets tired and everyone understands
Catastrophic! if we all spoke with vocabularies of envy
No critics necessities

Now, my movie ticket is worn
And I’ve seen the fantastic disaster
You sent me to without even
a small warning about the acting.
Because if you don’t have disasters
We have a job to do and quickly
Leave the theaters

Escape from several mediocre movies
Treating all viewers stupid
But the critic’s job should sell movie tickets
This job blasts imagination into a spectator’s lap
And the newspapers that say good news
A tricky but worthwhile option
Using arguments as a disguise for bad wiring.

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