Thursday, August 27, 2009

District 9 - Mere Speculation

Resulting from a biological sensitivity to fuel, humans are transformed into alien "prawns" who then become marooned on a future earth -- future in relation to the initial human contamination "moment" -- whereupon they are interned, their encampments similar to Japanese Internment camps of WWII, as undesirables and as threats to human safety.

This commentary, that our fuel will condemn us to future servitude, doesn't seem too far off what most are saying re: peak oil/global warming/foreign dependency. If only we could see ourselves as being part of USA Internment Camp, LLC., and not citizens of the Most Free Land of Brave Warrior Poets (I added this last word).

Anyway, I thought about this as a reasonable explanation for District 9's protagonist's (Wikus') transformation, and I'm not yet ready to discard it.

Another anyway, here's a found poem I came across reading comments made by viewers who hated this movie:

makes 0.00 sense
the first half of the movie i was just sitting there like
oh wow i wonder if this guy is going to get ****ed by his prejudice attitude
oh wow he did wat a surprise
i wonder if this alien that they are just continuely glorifying will be trying to save his people
oh wow what a surprise
i wonder if the writer is trying to make a statement by reversing the subjugated human for an alien and showing us how we are inherently prejudiced again
oh wow
woowweeee i learned something about humanity i already knew
and by learned i mean had it shoved down my throat

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