Sunday, August 02, 2009

great map with details added from untrustworthy people unknown to me

Loose in quilting last time

Into the factory wrinkle

Performance industry suit

While the turntable pancake

Nipple appledectomies.

Glean this snip

These henceforth rooster playmates

Aren’t designing my ladies’

Great map nonsense

Pretending to thoroughly undress enjoying

To be born again into backpain

Each puts a pin in a place with a fact

Then resents how your father acts

When he attempts “kiss the world clean”

I told him heavy duty reenactments

The nut doesn’t grow lump from the tree enough

Solvents are needed for that sick of a job

Don’t give up relentlessly

Give me rudeness unleashed

That cleaning won’t save you,

Not unless you’re equally committed to heavy duty.

And undercurrent of dark humor flows through and keeps refreshing

The turtle soup location is rinsed and evacuated

The big looming sharks swig cherry coke

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