Monday, March 16, 2009

The National Tourism Board of Aruba is Listening to Your Needs

Aruba is a small island with beautiful faces.
There faces are made of expressions.
Growing angry in Aruba creates a new land.
Link hands to create a new government!
Our expressions have caused land to form
Great white arching body
And opening mouth shark farts
Tee time is near indigestion
Eating of organic fleshes increases golf game
Increases stride increases your stretching ability
To encase a shark in a small pool for observation
Of the type of early warning shark feed Aruba faces
New forms of beautiful expressionless adventures in an aquarium

Can you see your face recharged and reflected
In the joy brought during the whale watch
We spotted the rare hump with a mirror
The promising mandible held on so firmly
As if terrified by the joy of Aruba
A whale could see
Long far off, part of the admission. Distance is his strength
Forces out wide smiling reasons to come to our island.

1 comment:

Michael H Stewart said...

Tight as a fist. I like this one.