Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Modern Poetry

What if there were
an oven
inside of another oven
so that when you turned one on
you thought: hey, this oven is burning
and you could smell what an oven is cooking
which would be oven
inside of another oven
and you would get the wrong idea
which says that men can't cook
when the oven is so distinctly male
it hurts.
You then decide to sell the oven and eat out
more often, inviting guests over
when you're gone
so they starve with no oven.
only last minute deciding
to call the delivery number with the guy
showing up too late (flat tire or chain fell off,
I don't know) and not saving any guest

on the way home, you're really tired
and you pull a hamstring
slowing your return to an otherwise empty
house full of dead guests
not taking up too much room because they're skinny
from death.
The oven is gone
For 20 bucks they picked it up
Don't stop me
really being two ovens
and delivered it to where the work of two ovens
is required to not feed guests
but you don't have enough room in your place
tho now you do with skinnier guests
which is what you always wanted from friends
a gift that fits inside an oven
where men cook.

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