Friday, March 06, 2009

Body Rock (Preface)

Rock your body
Make it the hardest it’s ever been
Right before you achieve maximum
Hardness, force it into shape.
Let it all out, go and enjoy your hard rock
Body pressing against all sides.

A body so hard with bursts
Energy will request your body visit energy seminars
Of hard bursting bodies yours is the most rocking
Rocking your body to avoid bursting
Is the way to achieve maximum solid

Hardness, let go to enjoy your hard rock
Body pressing against all sides
You have now achieved a hardness we only dream of
Rocking your body along to identify with The Rosy Crucifixion.
Many onlookers will pay attribution.
A body that covets attention
Can be yours.

Others might have tried, some with success
But a rock hard gruesome body is the lowest
Common denominator under the stress of heaviness
As long as you force yourself absolutely
Into a healthy routine
You’ll be bothered until you achieve the body
The source of all your dreams
About the body you will use
To reply with what’s yours

You can’t imagine results
Before you subject yourself to cruelty
There’s a new body there
Down by the creek constantly exercising

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