Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cold. Brrr

Everybody around me is sick with cold
I am sick with a cold
Is this because I haven't been outside in years?

My mouth is sick with cold
It's Missile on me
Mouth, You're Not Going Out Month
That way you'll get sick
And I got this way from my extended family

I'm told I sound bold
Whenever I'm afflicted with cold
Everyone around me is sick
And contaminated my water
With various chemicals unfit for bodies

Gorillas are in my mouth now
Lounging in the mist of my sick
Moving my tongue and slapping
Madly against my molars
This just in from the cold jungles of my sick


Stan Apps said...

Get better. Get those gorillas out of your mouth! (By gorillas do you mean your extended family mentioned above? How extended is this family?)

Ryan said...

I mean the extendeds and lozenges.