Tuesday, August 05, 2008

subcutaneous tarnish

I have come upon grosser backne
but let me live
the various crèmes and salves leftovers
cannot challenge me enough
dating salesman and Swedish sales rep
big teeth, imagine Claudia Schiffer

I’m imagining backne progression on Claudia
how she must spend her life in hats, as blemish cover
as we all do in a fair world, giant forehead spreading backne
and makeup can you imagine your design?
this backne creates a space for engine carbohydrates

because Europeans love Kmart and Disney and backne
this will be the evidence used against them
in proving they’re just people, in Orlando
there are rockets of backne shooting Orlando full of big sweaters
spraying a European backne massage into your teeth

and your writing tells the easy European that there’s no dealing with backne
a thousand houses fit into your master bedroom
accruing activity in a dream kitchen
hanging space, and shoes order for you
because I’m a flat butt backne person
or putting Claudia Schiffer on your team as clean up kicker
for team Mattress Warehouse when the kickball field rules are Australian, not Orlandoan
rockets wrapped in cable knit pink backne leftovers
carry the Swedes to peace and blemish-free don’t fight over sinks

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