Monday, August 11, 2008

I Have Sometimes Called Gas the Greatest Invention

[A repost of a piece I've been working on, unfinito]

I wanted to go places but then I had no car
I have sometimes called things coming out of my nose
Great inventions then I realized their sad little limitations
I wanted to kill for gasoline but I had no car
There was a limitation to transportation: I couldn’t be everywhere at once
I wanted to be Skeletor but my gas face didn't
I wanted gasoline to become a face but my mask car
Was in the garage I couldn't own taxes are limits
A bear with a can of meth places on your overalls
I’m a shell of my self which wants bush and gas in my car

She wanted my Skeletor by my gas face didn’t
Accept Skeletor or tell Skeletor the truth
My particle accelerator extended timeout
But my Chevy Castro found space lacking
Skeletor wanted me places but I had no sister
Even he had limitations on who
Everyone wanted to ride the spaceship but gas
A Skull and Crossbones Accelerator for One! Shrunken gas face!
A little known fact about Hershey Park became shrunken
Our severe limitation on why this invention cannot happen
That kept Real Estate Tax from pesky masking
Problem is my mask was in the garage
And How the Garage Saved a Nation
When there isn't gas we walk and we save
Please bush make it rain gas I want gas
In pools around Hershey Park great limitation
We don't like the rides here's a mask.

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