Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Old done new

When the snow falls I will be safe
I will huddle with lunch and will not react
I will be slow, like I wanted to as a kid imagining that being an adult is adult.
I would pound my chest: A thousand snowblower sale
In the ice age without sandwiches
Looking for a fight, hot dog milk? I thought of these combinations
A whole other ballpark

Just THINKING of a nosebleed means I’m going for it
About a master's degree.
This exact parka. Spoke?! Not now, bike. Stay in.

What could General William Tecumseh Sherman read?
How about snow falls on cedars but I will be safe XXL!
Who peed? Nice pretty ponies or your fire sale?
How about the engine warms the gift
The only gift I was given and lost it
To the old age home.

It doesn't matter. Snow talks but I’m not hearing nonsense.
Chest operations nice tits.

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