Sunday, August 17, 2008

Finding Your True Identity

Matt Damon owns it like hot terminal endpoints
Seeking to disrupt actions of US Covert Ops
Hunting him, anti-locking hungry and loving at once
He’s got an eye for territory as severance
The same size as me.
But authority is sleight and overruns closed circuit
In an attempt to assassinate journalists
How dare they bring that spelling in
Where there are a lot of people
Going to jobs the movie doesn’t talk about

Matt Damon has a hot rescue attempt at one point—
Is owned – And here he lets his hot asshole act,
A great display of rubber: choosing “innery” over gluttony
He fakes a call to local police to foil the intruders
And fights in a bathroom using a towel
A grappling he learned back when he couldn’t remember
He lives at the end, but we are unsure and unique
Because the camera is at the bottom of the ocean
Section of water he falls into
Murky and dark with end music playing
But the receptionist he saved smiles so we know he lives.

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