Friday, August 29, 2008

I don’t want to miss the Festival of Lunar New Year due to Spontaneous Meeting

I want to make well
Make it or break it
I want to sabotage a little hole in the ground
And withdraw particles that are dangerous for man
Whoabots Without Internet
Provide helpful connection
We are trying hard to understand
Liaisons to promote genius sharing
Of prior tested capability

I want to survive honestly
Affecting cells with resentful looks
Because the job market is flooded with fakers
Who find the soil there nutrient laden
I find an endearing hold of my friend’s hostage baby once it grows
During the baptism the substituted recipient objects
Everyone’s around me and wearing expired pop costumes
We have called the waiting taxi
Of human objectification

There is no Order in Cocoa Beach
No tradition, no fest
No profits and no reason I should be playing out the last tunes
On last year’s costume because of dulling meetings
And everlasting contracts

I’d prefer not to be coming to my senses in an ice bath
Holding someone else’s kidney
Asking am I an undeserving constituent
Answering to no man because I’m entrepreneur
Friendly, out in the cold cookie monster
Of slumlords! Fed off with macadamia

I was just this moment offering my excuse
For missing Lunar New Year.

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