Monday, August 25, 2008

food stuff

Good stuff slams democracy
Pounding leftovers into a easily conveyed mass
As being so crucial we can’t hold it down anymore.
Put my name as something between hot stripper
Dying in the animal zapper, Agribiz understandably
I stuff this chocolate into what I adore
Wet frou-frou papayas dance in hydrants
With my delight I stuff parcels and overpay
Machines working hard so you eat goodness
I have eaten the very specificity
(Finally) I’m chocolatay delite
Wonderful fucking question

Why are papayas in so much debt
Diplomats are coming into question
How chocolate can conjure conflict neutral spooning
Shoots out the olfactory and finds contractual
Sharing felchy bullseye--> Who’s into cocoa

Not this lame excuse of intervention called carob
Dracula scissoring two blondes in spaceage Nike Vlad Putin Masks
Their idea is making chocolate look better
And more mature,
Taking the medal for shiniest papaya…pre-tourniquet
Hands to hold the juicy contender

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