Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The nigh creator trained in new story train

[An edit...]

To CREATE: “Create Content”? drop down attachment.
Do this quiet. Really grasp the stake
Straighten “quick links” icon browse etc.
When you create content, you must create it cough

lying within firm reach of the true
and knowing where true lives
[duh: as bball players on forest moon of Jamie Lee Curtis]
you much abstain from trick or treating at their house
because it's their house and you're done for

Must create in bliss order. Parent. Subcategory. Tertiary.
Which reminds me of how design actually happens
My associated pageant (secondary).
Revisions click on date header
to view click revert to revert. To review click among
Paste to word pad to remove minor things.
For larger format stripping use notepad.
Easy? What about when the true

becomes the mirror you grew up in to not want
well then you make makeup pay
and then you parade making makeup
because my street is the quiet lounge
a fine Saturday
a Frampton ground.
My attachment holds more grasp of the true than two

biology textbooks combined!
Quick link true it's just repeat and
repeat and
repeat and
then the occupation is judged by fines.

Soon it's fine this and fine, true that
I can get parking no more
and soon these fines will be used against me to argue more
But what fucking complexes sodium can choose to lie
and what this inflation might represent clowns voting
for their impact on children whey and true beef

a biggest ocean prancing Christopher Columbus
ocean in chains,
chains colonizers fit for

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