Monday, January 14, 2008

Endless Nantucket (You Will Bite Your Nails in Suspense Version)

When I feel the dolphin jumps
This hurricane will turn into skeleton
That’s when outdoors is repent
Gripping when it’s film, and squat
Little serial lawn games during summer
Forcing what you ate out
Capable of making Strong n' Bustling
Me and I relinquish the fine wound feeling
Open Sore Game day! Those poor suckers are jealous of our
Sores! And how each curve has meaning
A place, to feel unique and like more men,
Indecent and fully capable of chasing a destiny
With enough pharmaceuticals to sedate the World Banking

That dangerous point in Life is Beautiful when you risk
A place like behind the queen on a deck of cards
Standing up to piss
And when I throw that red lady down
I’m holding the winner, the allegations held
We’re watching the sun from the Best Western
Bodies in the shower
Our Prius rests from the long drive
This is it. I’ve made it more stable.
Even the dolphins are shimmying
Coroner and my knife, losing the limbo
Shuddering under the roof’s collapsible tent
Looking for frolic adventure.
The great outdoors with shingles.
1000 Santas on hyperdrive take my whole family
For a spin when no one asked for a spin

Grace happens to work the group least.
I have thankfully removed vomit from my blouse
I have decided that roofing is out for me.
The demon behind you is crying, evil little kewpie
I will continue to hold you until break time.

How many queens until the entire state is ours?
Candidates switch peeing on your campfire until it’s out
Grace come back we need your utterances.
That wind carries more than just jam. Blood spatter.
That statue looking at me is sexy. Sexy to fucking kill me!!
ARGH! The dryer shouldn’t be in the picture.
Rhythm of this nation, much less in hotel bedroom.

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