Thursday, January 31, 2008

Next to Vince Vaughnishness

I am so feeling clean and more like sexy wing
My heart tells me to stop crying, that I won’t get crazy straw.
I say heart, NO I won’t kickstart you! This is the reason
I just came up with the microwave. Vince
Neil is washed up a token cracker
But only hours later
Bobbing a telltale cleanly
and shorn like berries or wave-length
Bony fingers still gripping Esc strategy
sung like a TransAm. A persuasive pooch cage you carry in-cabin
for a small gift once fee
better call Dallas of deposits
this money wash then rail
so clean cuts keepers can room with ruddier stuff
not making off with the Baby Abba
Its Pasta kitchen has aunt unit to adopt a pet even puffier
So now felt peel more like dogs,
Even puffier than biscuits? That’s right Texican,
even puffier than Social Welfare Reform School Naughty Too
disciplining is a safe zone or your child
voting blocks crumb in tutu flurry, clean wipes
and break out of fight crème.

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