Tuesday, January 08, 2008

hobo pro

"annoying sound effects in what some people call songs"
granted the namesake could've been written as loin storm
bearing in the sense of wheels finds tactless victim urination felt
pre-labial, the bartender knew my exact voting
now that's good crazy, bad crazy cannot fit into marriage
puffy shirts and dresses, lots of skin, time travel

who's grossing now? I told you that fit jean is effin' gross
looking to pick a winner? check the shiny overhead bin
your answer will come from that holding the replica of Turnout
what this means to the house committee for screaming zest
Barefoot Contessa recorded and played backwards
You shot your load it was whacky chaw

dobbing new tourists in Carthage
O glue capital mashed potato preferrer
Focus your power into instant measles!

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