Saturday, December 04, 2010

TOEFL Essay - luck has something to do with success

Q. Agree or disagree: Success has nothing to do with luck. Use reasons and examples.

We succeed in the open, in the dark, in the autumn. There are no bounds that hold us if we are in a successful mold. Luck is just another small forte. If you have talent then luck has nothing to do with skill, and since skill has no name in success, luck will suit you with success. In fact, the reverie of missing a bus is only accrued luck when we recollect. If there is no reflection, success will raise your hair.

We view luck as offshoot. Its branches are suitable tendrils and foundling. The myth of children features prominently into the prime time of unattainable classmates. These are no passing whims, and often this luck is seen as inhabiting the most minimal conversing. From it's cold outside, to you should artificially inseminate for the highest chance of when we incur fertility. So when you hold the dice you use luck to explain gravity and friction, but these have much to do with success from a physical vantage. If I select a job and the job stops on me, I cannot blame friction. The rub is what appears as much more an agent of some repercussion.

If we cannot blame frictions, then the earth signals a disguised paddy. This tort is a large slice of why rebellions occur over food. Comestibles are not what you'd consider likely substitute rations for discourse or progress, but realty says what's different. In fact, you can't eat what bleeds, or bleed eats. Food conflicts over the course of our century will hinder international as well as internal relationships. Conflicts over nutrition have little to do with success and more to do with luck of fortuitous geopolitical positioning and resource dispersal. In some cases, the greater population of political scientists ensures the greater a region's luck. Why? This damning creation has roles for each body to inhabit, and some people are just better at finding bacon. Politics recovers ham.

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