Saturday, December 11, 2010

TOEFL Essay - eating in or eating out (edited)

Q. Do you like eat out or eat at home? Compare both options and choose which you prefer.

Eating out and eating at home, both fine options. In fact, often mixable and you're able to fine dine in the comfort of your own dwelling area. I prefer eating at home because of the profit of chewing at your leisure, and the solitude a fine meal provides.

When you're on death row, you're given a last meal. This meal isn't out in the open; guards present this meal in a caged room, to you, fine dining criminal of the West, with any request you wish. When the zoo turns to fiddling and spectacles, you are paraded before double-sided glass. Most criminals know what I know: that you eat better and with a depth that eating in public doesn't provide. Rats and bugs, I reign over how much rodents and insects penetrate public ingredients. Restaurants, those places of communal elbow rubbing, cheap uniforms and snapping guests. I found these additions to my soup at different times. Now, at home, you fill the room with leisurely bites.

A solitude within your home engulfs your activities. I'm alone and the afternoon is to my back; I cannot hold true to the passing of time, and only a weight reminds. Heavy, deaf and quaking, this chance to eat at home. No longer to be seen, but to thrive on one's own. Eating in your home allows you to hunker down and enjoy your own time with food. There's nothing to look forward to paying the bill, and without service, waiters cannot be angry. You are your own chef, waiter and jury. Solitude is a welcome change from most cities, and your thoughts are at peace. You choose this meal with its own solitude, this is not another loneliness. You and the food, welcome to devour piecemeal.

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Joseph said...

But many are choosing to eat out because they don't have time to cook for themselves or their families. For example, 70% of mothers work outside the home.

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