Thursday, December 02, 2010

TOEFL Essay - We must stick to the truth

Q. Agree or disagree: we should always tell the truth. Use reasons and examples to support your response.

There are radical truth-tellers among us, and ponderous experts are left wondering if those intrepid adherents to this hallowed credo should walk free, or live to regret it. It's preferable to always stick to the truth, however, in spite of how many threats you get, because it is revolutionary and it defeats secret mentalities.

There is a revolution emergency from truth and telling it. In the ages before light came about, many corners and aspects of life were left to our disadvantage. Many subject areas lack knowledge, and lead to inaccurate explanations of phenomena. Explanations in roundabout tongues are inefficient. If you create gods before an understanding of the universe, those gods also lack universal comprehension. The gods only know as much as you, as you are a go-between.

Life has gotten complicated, so secrets become dangerous trips for which we are practically unprepared. When considered, the truth isn't just one lane, but a superhighway, and runs us over. Finally resolving who says what renews our faith in already stressed infrastructures. The truth should remain grounded, however: it is not about individuals, or one nation, but about setting. The environment where truth is discovered sets a lot of damning free. What we now see is the opposite. At the height of the aughts, our society has been thrown into the midst of a secret mentality. Policy relies on hiding objects that don't need to be hidden because even the obvious substances can be used against us. Such rampant dismissals of truth lead other nations and communities to believe in our puppet ignorance. We are not the masters of some other planet, nor are we owned. A firm resolution to stick to truth would reveal that we're certainly intelligent.

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