Monday, December 13, 2010

TOEFL Essay - Athletic salaries

Many avid sports section readers are not living in caves; they have seen the headlines about various entertainers and athletes who make extremely large-figure salaries. Some presume this is well-spent lucre, supporting these ludicrous payments. These payments must stop, because they stir up fear and inflate prices.

With so many other competing forms of distraction, it's honestly terrible business to pay so much for what another would do for free. Perhaps sports should be comprised of volunteers.

We act as if performers whose bellicose careers were media-made now demand playoffs from the media. The media made you, performer person. Spectacle is, needless to say, not true action, which is why entertainers and athletes should not receive such obscene amounts. When you get paid this obscenity, wondering if there's an end no longer matters. We assure increased cash payouts and the ad dollars return some of that outlay. No one owns the public; the public owns the performers. So why award the flash with millions when his or her replacement awaits. An endless parade ensures bystanders.

We can only shoot at each performer with so much junk. Some junk is blocked by technological advances. Privacy is greater, unfortunately, to aim and fire whatever surplus rumor we can't smile upon. Then, our entertainment refers to a monster. Devouring the rumor mill and the industry insiders, even good nature cannot do. As a performer, you must put out what a majority expect. Every person feels needs to occupy the earth's center. This apex is something of a mechanical bull. Without a firm leash on the functioning of how this mechanical beast bucks, the results go viral and the multitude's eyes pop out viewing fame. If such an entertainer were to lose interest or present themselves with an injury, the end.

[This is a rewrite of the first TOEFL essay I wrote for this project.]

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