Wednesday, December 15, 2010

TOEFL Essay - which vice do you prize

Q. What is one example of a vice which is ultimately important to us? Use reasons and examples to support your response.

We prize many negative traits: obstinacy and brutal honesty. But none is more widely acclaimed than greed, mainly because greed ensures prosperity and distinguishes us from monkeys.

When we need money, greed helps. If we weren't consumed by small greed, movement would be difficult. I'm greedy so I get a sandwich, because the vice gives a name to my stomach pains. It would decimate humanity if we were all immobile. Standing around, drinking small milk pint cartons. With cow faces and bleeding gums. We would only be waiting for the hammer to take us. We would need utter care. While a burgeoning industry sprang up around us, some nurse would need greed to help lift us from this gumming. And while ambition is our motive, greed our motor.

A car is made of enough greed that it moves. Planes move via greed. Even sporting events like the Olympics are traded for greed cloaked as an award. Those medals are dappled in the rapacity of a lawn dart. Greed matters to us. It moves us. Large pies do indeed exist. We move on them with cupidity at an angle saying “I want.” We only have access to pieces if we're greedy enough. Yes, hunger is a type of greed. And the small waist trumps the big waist this winter. Small waists quickly exit boats, moving ashore to feel hookah. TO have the first drop of greed must push in your favors. Once pushed and in the withholding position – we might call this instinctual response – but when we have insight to ask for certain dishes, this is the greed. The clams look good and you snag them. Animals make no requests, because greed doesn't exist in the stomach, but in our mouths.

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