Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TOEFL Essay - You would change one thing about your country

Q. If you could change one thing about your country, what would it be and why would you change it? Include reasons and examples to support your response.

No one is entirely happy with their mother country. Mine suffers from unfortunate problems. What is shocking is that we no longer have solutions. Questions pile up, yet other countries still mistakenly look to us.

In light of our descent into oblivion – relying not on smarts, but instead on might – we view applying the hammer to objects as the road to resolution. But striking to join together differs from striking to smash a whole. Smarts may come from military or civilian sectors, but they must be smarts, not might. Manufacturing used to be big here, and this symbolized a deeper creed in US life: you can build something that will fix a problem. When we stop building projects, constructive approaches to problems are dismissed. Instead, we flourish hammers and wrecking balls from derricks. If we smash what bothers us, we become demolitions and still no answers.

Questions are piling up, and their piling doesn't diminish with further wrecking. If I destroy a wall here, the issues as to why the wall went up in the first place don't fade. If I build a wall, what I am forced to acknowledge is the reason that the wall was a solution. Walls are veritable solutions, but they prompt us. Walls light the fire under us and get us asking the right questions. The wall cannot provide an answer. Captivity only provides questions. Why am I held in here? Kept out? Only when we build answers instead of walls do we fix.

Follow the leader often results in following the evil leader with wrong problem solving techniques. When the US was increasing, our friends increased. Who doesn't want to sit with or near the problem solver? These friends still look to our example, but now we're the one making water and throwing up all over ourselves. This is not an example to follow. Especially when there are mouths to feed.

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