Saturday, November 27, 2010

TOEFL Essay - are parents the best teachers?

Q. Are parents the best teachers? Why or why not?

Parents aren't often certified to do the job of parenting. Teachers are certified to do the job of teaching. However, classrooms are established to teach only during certain hours. Parenting fills in the blanks around the clock. I will discuss the parental argument: Learning best occurs in the most voluntary moments and parental boundary is limitless.

While teachers go to school and learn methods to control and educate, parents learn control through uncontrollable urges of children. This school lasts throughout childhood growth. Mothers and fathers are witnesses to every moment of childhood discovery. This is not an aspect of educational life we reproduce to become a teacher. In a classroom, students learn facts, but at home, children become sons and daughters who learn interaction and feelings. They aren't guarded as they are standing in front of strangers in an inhospitable building that resembles a prison. Going outside at home isn't signified by ringing bells or buzzers, you just quickly inform mom and dad. There is no chain of command that becomes a hurdle.

Parental boundaries are limitless, and what children learn, priceless. When a parent wants to teach a child a lesson, there's no regularly scheduled class time used as a receptacle for so much lesson. We do not rely on a didactic mention that “now is the time we learn how to flush the toilet.” The toilet lesson is simply done and over with, and the space between the lesson and learning is insignificant. The lesson rests in the exchange and the broader understanding in the parent and child eyes. Sharing the same DNA almost allows for non-verbal communication, which is only slightly possible after months of classroom teacher. The bonds between parents and their children aren't likely reproduced, no matter how many certificates the person standing in front of your child has earned.

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