Friday, November 19, 2010

TOEFL Essay - technological changes sway the world in positive fashion

Q. How has technology changed our way of life? Do you see this change as positive or negative.

Technology is like the bricks that aren't tactile. You can't join them together, you can't throw them, they don't hold heat. But technology has built things for us and certainly builds inside us. It's in these inner changes, or these capacities to instigate change in our weaker urges, where technology saves us.

A saving grace comes from distraction. We no longer pine. Pining, an important movement of the romantic era which was dragged on well into the late 20th century and culminating in grunge, spawned pop music. When we like someone, we need a target if those warm feelings are left untended. We pretend we are inside of the song. The song becomes a glove that squeezes us in some pretty comfortable ways. However, the song never fulfills the desire, which is why we like the glove to squeeze repeatedly. Once the desire is fulfilled, we remove the glove. Pining is thus defined as a prolonged tolerance for thinking upkeep based on our dislike embodied in an unhealthy and harmful person.

Another bricked change in ourselves achieved without mortar has been a removal of bad influences. With distractions, bad influences aren't around for very long. These icons are smashed, and removed, because other icons must stand in their spots. Placed to warrant responses, the icon must be foremost in our mind. The icon is a body double for an insane longing. Made real, our hands would toss the person to the moon our rejoicing would never stop. You could not stand the eternal stare of a real virgin.

Finally, everything is recorded, so the same preaching mouths come around, and they are obligated to be smarter than in the past. These new mouths must convince us they do more than drink; they must think of new ways to pronounce the same boring warnings.

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