Sunday, November 21, 2010

TOEFL Essay - The past teaches us nothing

Q. Some people say we need to focus on the future and ignore the past. Others think the past holds valuable knowledge for our progress. Which opinion do you agree with? Why? Include reasons and examples to support your response.

We don't want to think about the things we did last night. Dwelling on these activities will bring us little joy, no job and even lesser skills for the future. Therefore, I don't believe that the past holds valuable knowledge in most areas, but especially not for our purposes and not for our love.

Some are rumored to have discovered their life's purpose in twenty minutes. This is an advertisement. No one honestly counts to determine whether we have an idea about magnetism that controls us. I face north to determine what other directions are. I spit in the field, the ergonomic dusk brooms together my senses, but each time the river is a different one we step into. There is no exact river of our math, which I ended up failing due to my spacial incomprehension difficulties. Search engine usefulness is based on hard work, not on repeat of like searches until our mouths tire from calling in the copse. Even a soup with the same ingredients is as diverse as a kettle is uniform. No purpose exists in a world where the reaction to alike stimuli will produce different offspring.

Our love is part of our nature, and we cannot figure it out. Cloudy destinies are seen in the ball of crystal, and the future decides early to leave us behind in the station wagon. See you in one hundred years, relic. My love in the past was just as worthwhile as my current love. I have incorrectly gauged at times, but the past teaches me little on how to love. Loving strengthens as our pasts catch up to us, but the object of love transfers from a big stuffed bear to human subjects. Our past love, from object to now subject, is of little importance to the present. If I analyze the objects of my past affection, I would be stuck loving something inanimate.

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