Monday, November 22, 2010

TOEFL Essay - reading and writing as diminished essentials

Q. Is reading and writing more important than it was in the past? Use reasons and examples to support your response.

Civilization sparked, and humans started off writing on the walls of wherever they lived. This communication is no longer socially accepted. However, the form of expression was basic and conveyed meanings of battles, hunts and daily life. Today, both reading and writing have diminished, and yet their importance grows. Our reliance on technology and our consumer selves necessitate a strengthened hone of reading and writing.

In an era alive with the Internet, commands are pressed by keys. Since we process these commands by tapping, when we go somewhere we need to type. Writing goals are to communicate our whims to our computers. The most economically we express ourselves, faster computers are possible. Communications break down between user and computer when the writing suffers. I cannot express myself to my computer if the words don't come easily. If I place a withering embargo of communication between my computer and I, then work grinds to a halt. Surrounded by computers, the need for writing is no longer ambivalent. Our need is no longer patient and biding. It is an aggressive need, like a printer with its ream.

Writing isn't the only task in demand. Reading is also an essential task. We navigate multiple pages of text each day. Not knowing how to read is knowing madness. All products jump out at us and declare to us that they are our new favorites. Little is known about which is actually a special addition to our lives unless we can read them well. Consumers must be motivated and informed. Proceed to the purchase area. There, an educated consumer body performs well under the rigors of the market. Markets respect people who learn about their complex histories, and reading exempts participants from the mockery and remorse in the area of purchase.

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