Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pontiac, Mo

To much obscenity is around today

Put out, airing a bigger set of lips

To prepare for those bad words

They have targets for their cursing, the usual

Market crisis, palimony, orthodontic doubt

Where victory is draining my gums

Because I can't find a decent dental plan

And I blame the young.

And venture into their seats.

Young girls have been treating their period vulgar.

A loss of a sacred sacrificial distinction,

Distance themselves

Their mouths actually ask for detergent. Or find replacements. Personally,

Forget girls, I blame the young of all shapes and sizes, who’d puff

Their chests into a rubber human to break high scores

Because you’ll need power before power needs you.

Multiple throwing arms full and I can toss more barrels

Aggression into meaningful ramifications

Identified as owl, ox, donkey and sheep, chemically. It’s worth

Every cent to not negotiate. I won’t wear that cap. It’s a “migrate or get loaded” cap

Because we feel limp on video, and alcohol on video is pretzel.

I feel I echo the young who to blame American families for ass plunged

And fatal ass spelunking. That familiar, familial, personal gossip of blame

I target the young. I’m very consistently boning this doctor frequency

I have a picture of Dakota and it’s worthwhile.

I have a picture of tommy gun. It’s worthwhile.

I have a picture of the Manhattan Experiment and it’s worthwhile.

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