Friday, November 14, 2008

Crazy (racist) fashionistas

{Editors note: To The man who obviously doesn't know much at all....Stop emailing me backchannel with your weird racist screeds.]

To wit:

The Sartorialist is photographing what he likes white this white that. Apparently he likes white tall skinny skeleton women and when it comes down to men he is more diverse (white, cream, off-white, eggshell white, creamout white, harlequin white, white nanny, WHIATE!). For me that is all legitimized (white) because it is his blog and indeed “if you do not like it, leave it.” –George Bush

Then you start ranting on about non-white, white that. SO I took a look at your profile and indeed you are from the US of A as I thought (white). My (white) God, you people are so fuckin overwhite sensitive and politically correct it makes me sick in my whiteness. It makes me even realize (British spelling, you white ignoramus US of A’er) I do not have to argue with you anymore, because I’m white and you’re white and because you will never understand my point of view.

He is not a white pioneer because he doesn’t kill anyone with white influenza and he stands in his own right not to choose for that. You should become the pioneer and that particular area - speaking about gap in the market -.

Here's the work of this genius, over at some blog about my plane's peanuts have bigger balls than your plane's peanuts

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