Saturday, November 15, 2008

In Need of Expansion

Sometimes the Bunny is stressed. Yes, sometimes it is stress that gets the bunny before the vet. When the vet gets the bunny, s/he pets the bunny to calm the bunny. At a remove the bunny appears selfless, Lincolnesque. The bunny then does what we call "relinquishing," whereby it moves toward a corner and gives us treats. Though this behavior is seen as improvement, it should not be encouraged in vain. In order to not fall pretty urgently in awe/love/aww cuteness with such a wayward, twee creature, we must allow the vet to pet the bunny OUT of the corner. This can be disconcerting, as I'm sure you can imagine. The bunny will not, in its initial stages, like this. Nor will there be bristling enough to challenge notions held previously pertaining to how bunnies defend. The dog wouldn't either. Think about it.
Hence, sometimes the bunny is stressed, and rightfully so. Urine kits, or "Strips" as they are known in more decorative circles, display and eyeful to anyone wishing their bunny not relinquish. Best of luck in your urine kit search.

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