Thursday, September 25, 2008

Predator in Shameless Photo-Op in Theory

In the middle of placing stones on the beach
A place for kneeling, not leg warmers

Not getting an operation the Predator receives fame
The Predator is seen following the photographers

Not the other way around
The Predator is pondering the usage of certain signifiers

To advocate a lost world where all people can eat at the same table
Being food for other Predators

And those Predators can commune in nature
To excuse transgressions made by ALIEN

Who might not know better because of sub par schooling
Right now Predators chain ALIEN and reduce her chances of survival

While other Predators object to the use of non-gender neutral pronouns for enemies
Mother Earth, My car She Drives well are terms we eliminate

They take us farther from experience and into the mind of Predator
A region where dwell dark desires in the form of secret areas with chains.

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