Sunday, September 14, 2008

Celica into the Wee Hours of the Night

You can be persuaded to swim if the water isn’t cool
It demands a kind word and the right hurtful stare at bathing wear
The radio battle in your car about placement
Of shiny antlers seeking reception on your hood
You are el vaquero underwear, if your car is traveling downstairs
Because Dude, you were financially irresponsive
You’re going to be persuasively configurative
And adjusted to basic insurance
Redolent twine, little green lizard “what insurance dudemanbro?”
And why can I never find a close spot this Dude obscures?
This is what is basically asked, Dude
Like here’s my number and toxin
Stains like on Dude’s shorts are foes of clean!
And we cannot have foe-ish info in parking lots bro
Can something like a shower undo?
How about a shower with rockets?
Can I bring my entire car into the shower of love?

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