Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nice French Manicure Predator

To be young and in love
Strewn like potato chips on the spine of our horizontal mambo
Can it be any other way to impregnate?
Rates increase lying on your back (to man)
Your soft tissue sample under the nail bed
Nice soft tissue silky Predator curvy

I was dismayed they picked the pretty Predator
Also pray tell why the panties
Protesting my pater guitar shrinkage
Solo dedicated to the Predator mother of my alien children
So intelligent but so needy

As entertaining as I peak with custard pie on my face
My petite Predators are suckling and pay no mind
The suckling figs pay no mind to the jackal
He is asking for ransom and has underestimate the Predator
Nice Fresh Manicure Predator

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