Thursday, September 18, 2008


Some beliefs can be defined
As future-unfriendly policy.

When I remake a moral judgment
Into a fit of beef

Like a phoenix ensconced in jacket
Because my beliefs are tendonitis and docile

Like kittens on command can claw your face by the millions
Into a pool of mellow thrushes

Who sing until the day you return from hunting
With your boots as a man who followed you

Canceling the show was a task from god
Those who know drugs fearfully to turn into hope

Followed emission of a concept tweet
World judgment lags behind my desire to shine

As the best instrument most vocal defender
Itemization of plush realities and furry states

My moral code is a gift vase you cannot return
but that now you must obey

But you wouldn’t find flowers there
Because ultimately flowers are non-conformists.

1 comment:

Stan Apps said...

Nice. I love the last 4 lines especially.