Saturday, September 06, 2008

Mistake in the Grass

Oh almighty cons, you are mellow weavers
Constructing something bigger than my thinking
Your hand grip is melting snow, revealing
Leopards. They are there- whispering in the grass
Another of Sting’s almighty caliber songs
I made a mistake in the grass
But the grass kept smiling, caustically
We were asking to be poisoned

Shoving opinions down my throat
It’s inhuman not to sing along
To sounds our fingers make while whistling
The grass is vulnerable, and cannot hide
In a tune most leopards say they can understand
Hamming it up with The Man

I recently saw you mercilessly attacked on DailyKos
But your penis enlargement is unnecessary
In the grass I resort to my description as “Mighty”
I’m wondering if leopards are aware that I’m chasing them
Do they feel impressed or flattered
When I eventually tell others about your speaking style
Like how you include important details that other singers miss
To other leopards – not related— when they choose to listen

“Too many mistakes, you leopards,”
It’s okay they can’t hear me
Leopards no speakie English
But you’re getting their vote: absentee!
Videoconferencing leopards travel you see
Leopards leopards sitting in the tree, K I s s I n g

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