Sunday, September 19, 2010

TOEFL Essay - You may volunteer to attend

Q. Some people believe that university students should be required to attend classes. Others believe that attendance should be optional. Which do you agree with?

Forces beyond their control or understanding often motivate college students. For this reason, most students, when we ask if they have plans, respond with certain blankness. However, one method students use to assert smaller rights is through missing class. Attendance should be optional because whether you're present has little influence on grading and students will have less opportunity to influence fate.

You can still fail even if you spend the entire semester sitting next to me. I might possibly agree with the grade you've earned regardless of your enduring presence during class hours. When students are present voluntarily it is more obvious they're interested. Vacations fall during times of lull. At this time a compulsory attendance of some rigor could vouch for time off. There is very little investment on the part of disinterested individuals required to sit in classes. They will show no change either checked out or taking part fully engaged. These people, these students, should not be forced but freed. Your attendance indicates your mentality.

A good mentality is within a student who is always present in an optional class and usually rolls with the punches rather than being regarded as really visible. The no-hassle students don't exert influence on daily lessons and activities. Students who manipulate can be relegated at arm's reach. One way to do this is to isolate the students who most likely grub grades. Most students who grub grades grub because they perceive disparities. A guilt spans the great distance between their location and the class being taught. They are too often present to notice that various skill levels exist. Vocabulary attendance would sort and simplify most of these hardships.

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