Thursday, September 09, 2010

TOEFL Essay Question: Some people only like to do what they do well. Others prefer to try new things and take risks. What do you prefer?

Some participants in the game of life only prefer to do what they do well. Others challenge themselves with switches. I am in this list of challengers. According to me, I prefer to engage in even tasks I'm bad at. This way, I am strengthened and I learn new limits.

Whenever I fail, I succeed because what I've actually gained is strength. Imagine we're wearing coats and we notice a hole: now we know where the hole is. Likewise, I gain strength when I embody projects I might fail at or not be too good doing. It is important to remind ourselves that failure exists, is a real thing, not an object but a viscera, in order to really taste success well. When I tried to learn Russian, for example, my deficiencies in my tongue rolling were an obstacle and I realized I would not roll my tongue. I would never attain my dream of sounding like a foreigner speaking Russian.

I also will learn new limits being challenged for the first time. Talent is a reliance on a crutch. Now perfect the idea of the crutch under a different person's arm. I learn new limits to new areas I cannot ever do. I never want a stone unturned. The bottom of every rock is where these limits rest and live. If I perform knowing I haven't upturned even one stone I resent myself. I'm not strong, and I'm not unlimited. With Russian, I never had ideas before I tried about what each undecipherable letter meant. Since attempting to learn Russian, however, I at least see the limits of the Russian alphabet are similar to my own.

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