Saturday, September 11, 2010

TOEFL Essay - why we should do things we don't enjoy

Q. People should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing.

Many times we’re compensated for tasks we have a gross dislike. Frequently, however, we’re paid little to do what we love most. People aren’t compelled to do unlikeable things, but they should still complete actions that disgruntle them, because these lead to rewarding results and often influence our tendencies.

I love doing things I love. This is a vapid statement. Humans must learn to complete tasks which lead them to uncharted territories, and they must learn to avoid vapid statements about nonexistent places. These lands are where lifelong requirements to fulfill our own talent pools. When don’t we dislike taking out the trash? There isn’t a person alive who enjoys trash day. Most of the trash piled up on the sidewalk is a sign that regardless of our hatred of trash, we dispose of our items with discard qualities. We also can’t possible enjoy ridding ourselves of these items, since we live with memories attached to their existence. The memories go into the trash. Nevertheless, seeing those neatly piled bags and smelling their absence the following morning positively proves that trash is simply a task we must repeat.

Finishing accomplishments that we despise doing influences our tendencies. Humans have simple tendencies, and many scientists study how we, like water, tend to follow our dreams. We also call tendencies tastes. We run serpentine among our tastes, but we trickle into what comforts we have. Nothing is awry with this behavior. Tributaries of our dreams happen only when we cast seeds in locations seldom visited. Hatred usually rests in these regions, which is why we rarely linger. Once we do travel there, however, we find our tastes change; suddenly we enjoy throwing trash onto a large pile; we recoil because, once loved, the stench reveals disappointment and is temporary. Trashing offers us completion, like we’re pitching in building a house where no one will dwell. In a house of trash no one resides. But if someone would choose to live there for a minute, their tendencies would change.

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