Thursday, June 26, 2008

a belief made in Switzerland just says healing

Does this **** creep come with majonnaise?

Brazed fillets
Soufflé brazed, mass

Poems analyzed for meter, imagery, and going along
with vacation figurative language: meaning will be heaped
and burnt, treated with the acid that poems deserve

Holdon, griefstrike
A4, casing your tubular rampart craning
Have you felt exacerbated? Releasing jelly

View of symbolic razed?
Plumed majonnaise, serpentine

The fifth holder maya nasa

Xmas greeting
*** called me stupid with *****

Fruitcake interpretation:

A belief made in Switzerland just says healing
It’s just fruitcakov, I abhor

Does open source
Grotesque examples

Hand held
In a way that assumes fond
Or exactly! Mouse-like rinse

Post-intermix finds uses
For camp

Sprouts rob grout
Kitsch stars inner camp lace
Grimy arm rests

Mr. Potato can litigate
From fresh perspectives

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