Monday, June 30, 2008

Glamazon Thong Song

Gramazon too old
Dot da bom Glamazon
Glamazon unleashes flatten
Glamazon your mom
Glamasaurus woofs
Over the wooftips of Glamazonia
Paypal at
Behind the wheel Glamazon

Glamazing Glamasaurus
Glamaster Gash
Glamazon and Butthead
Lookout! For Botox Glamazon
With big eating, must feed all of bloodwork
Glamazona, jumping frog in Glamazonas County
Asked of Glamazing difficultly asked if quitting
GlamDepopulated for sugar!
Not until Botox Patch services all of London
And London’s Glamazon heart
Did you learn nothing of Glamazoning Western Music?

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