Sunday, May 04, 2008

Ryan O'Neal has never been better, of course I'm not a woman


They are cajoled by lucrative adversity, very susceptible to the yearnings of larceny.

–anonymous poster,

Mammoth manhood puts our lives in danger
And because we have pledged caution and
Make a livelihood from risky business
and truth in the way of biting, if that very biting
Is the son of a mother who is tiring and
Earnest with very large spots
These spots we fatigue grasping
Then happiness is our sitting pool.

I have proof of this happening on tape
And forced out into the suburbs
Slowly and cancerously each with sandwiches
Spangled, dappled in, Oh gay sunshine
In small pools, usually constructed I’ve seen
Gay sunshine and I’ve seen gay rain

Move me to where I purchase newest releases
Through extension of unworthy bonuses
Heralded as the best of the best
In the land of women
Free of diseases
“Sword of Freedom!” effing gaiety

But mammoth exception blocking out nutrition
Locking in the healthy bits so you stay full force
Acts are not merely occasions to bring the family around
But to buy into a gas phenomenon

Cast information in bland flavor light
I hope she’s susceptible and can get rid of dogs
Bad breath it is really awful
I cannot get away from its awfulness
Chasing me down the volcanic lava beach
Suddenly, what’s that smell of awfulness?
It’s that bad dog breath beach

From this awful ray beam our legs are tired
Turning my beach vacation our cheaply priced hotel
Into a small house with a chain near the door

Even when I’m quick hunting down instant titles
A new technology to read prices has been
Found, in where those birds just were
Of course the novelty hasn’t worn off, prices
Flutter into a small nest then just

Exploded! I’m located in the best jacket
Made from ruined by beach breath sudden downpour
Starting right now with best lisp
Much needed to unite the pieces, zines, fanclubs
Pets and thyroid on the frontline clap mere puppy bear
Getting so out of bear character with oh sunshine suit

Is what really lost out there…claspable?
Can you determine size of its footprint by the suncheck
it brings home after a full day of tanning bed supreme luck
Adorable as game scores
Adult train conductor suit
And Shih Tzu what five things do you have
Are whatever five things you cannot call flamboyant

On language of we’d forgotten in what format Shih Tzu
Your frown turned upside down
Tangible or gross violations
Of lottery, rolling out into the countryside
Stink palm, irrigated areas grossness, two pup simultaneity
Smites me. Kissing, breathmintiness
In a section of locked sitemap, on active alert
Channel changing Ryan O’Neal oddly odorless
And paperless correct method of disposal.

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