Saturday, May 31, 2008

I don’t know the measurement, I’m assuming it’s hot sauce

Excuse me, but I think I’m growing
Pressure I can feel
Beats me in my own fresh driveway
Going to be bigger than a house on this capital punishment sauce
Dave’s hot death manic depressive sauce
Dave is working with Peter to make
Peter’s My Grandchildren are Hurting from this sauce
Is eaten in small bites by capital bigwigs
Moving and shaking shaving wins you big
Capital rewards card thrown out while on this sauce
This sauce is only ketchup
And flavors are missing out due to bland regional taste
Excuses for why I’m exploding in this year’s Olympics?
Icon for thunder
I’ve been rewarded sauce and depression
The Depression Olympics
With hot death manic new setlist
How does this deal with hot death manic new sauce setlist? Easy
On the sauce, you eat small bites until the punishment is
“Really just sauce is making me uncomfortable”
Not to mess with cacophony growth sauce, my size
Within sustainable samples of unnatural but blessed crimping
Doing nothing all day but warrants sauce

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